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Custom cable and wire assemblies from Gater Industries


Excellence in custom cable assemblies since 1975

We manufacture custom cable and wire assemblies to your specifications quickly and inexpensively. We know that you, the buyer, face the difficult challenge of selecting the right manufacturer of assemblies for your company’s product. Your decision is critical to your company’s bottom line. You’ll be commended for making a wise decision when you choose Gater Industries for your custom cable assemblies. Everything we do is designed to reduce your overall manufacturing costs while maintaining the highest standard of quality.


Why Should you Choose Gater Industries to build Your Custom Cable Assemblies?

We Save You Money
• Experienced engineers review your prints for potential component cost savings and ways to increase manufacturing efficiency.
• Most of our materials are stored on site, on consignment, and not purchased from our suppliers until we use them. This agreement
   keeps our costs -- and consequently, yours -- to a minimum. More...
• We stock your completed custom cable assemblies for you, which reduces your inventory and increases the inventory turns. More...
• Just-in-time delivery improves your company’s cash flow. More...

We Reduce Your Lead Time
• Most of the materials we need to build your custom cable assemblies are already on site, which cuts your lead time.
• Automated equipment streamlines the manufacturing of your custom cable assemblies so your order is filled quickly.

We Deliver Quality
• Our ISO 9001, UL, and CSA certifications ensure process consistency, which saves you the cost of incoming inspection.
• Our experienced assembly personnel and process controls make sure your custom cable assemblies are built right the first time, and every time.
• Our assemblies are dock to stock with a number of our clients. Automated test equipment and self-testing assembly boards for custom cable assemblies ensure the quality of your assemblies and save you time and money.

Our mission is to assist our clients in the accomplishment of their goals by providing them with the highest quality products, within their time constraints, in a cost effective manner with total business and personal integrity.

The key word in Gater Industries’ Mission Statement is CLIENT because we want the companies we do business with to be more than customers. A customer is someone to whom a company merely sells a product. Gater Industries delivers much more than a product; our approach is to build long-term, ongoing client relationships. Gater Industries’ clients receive not only high quality custom cable assemblies, but also uncommon communication, timely assistance and positive solutions for cost reduction.

Call us at (307) 635-4166 and let us explain why Gater Industries is the best choice for your company’s custom cable assembly needs.

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